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Fergana, founded in 1876, with a population of 340,000, is the third largest in the valley and one of the most industrialized cities. Machine-building, fuel and energy and chemical factories operate in the city. As in all other parts of the valley, the climate in the city is continental with hot summers and mild winters
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Being the oldest cultural center in the region, the valley has been inhabited since the Stone Age, but modern Fergana was founded in the second half of the 19th century, ten kilometers from the ancient settlement of Margilan. For a long time the city was far from the main transport routes and developed slowly, but after the Great Patriotic War, many industrial enterprises were built here, which revived the economy, giving Fergana an impetus for development. The city has an international airport and a central bus station. The rich history of the region permeates the city: it has many historical sights
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